Analysis and Recommendations

Does your business have a pain point that is beyond your current analytic capability?

Maybe you’ve realised that you need to go beyond the practical limitations of doing business analysis with Excel.

Maybe you don’t know what statistical and predictive methods you should be using.

Maybe the available data just isn’t enough to answer your questions, and you need to augment it from somewhere else.

Let us help you fix it!

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Strategic Consulting

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

“I know my business needs a digital transformation. What should it look like, and how can I make it happen?”

“We have a great idea for a data-driven product, but we don’t know how to build it. How can we get this moving?”

“I know there is value in my data. How can I use it to help my business?
We have lots of data that we could use to create value, but it’s all in different systems that don’t talk to each other. How can we bring it all together?”

“I know what our business problems are, but I’m not sure what to measure. Where should I go from here?”

“We have valuable data in our data warehouse, but we’ve gone as far as we can with our business intelligence tools. How do we step up to predictive modelling?”

If so, we can give you the guidance you’re looking for.

Operational Data Products

A data product is anything that provides a service that is built on data (and usually analytics):

the engine that drives an app;

an operational decision-support tool;

a threat or opportunity detector.

Whatever you need, we can build it.

Digital Transformation

Your business is probably already on the journey. Maybe you just need some direction, to find out how data science can help you take bigger steps. We can help you find the way.

Make your data work for you. Put yourself back in control!